Notitia scientifica

What means "scientific knowledge, representation". A small volume preprints of scientific papers will be published in order to familiarize the public with scientific ideas, which in the future will be published in full.

Administrative Law and Procedure

Articles on various aspects of modern administrative legal regulation, administrative procedures in various spheres, administrative liability

Your Library

Reviews of monographs, textbooks, collections of documents

Execution Proceedings

Articles on matters related to executing judgments passed in civil, arbitrazh and criminal legal proceedings, analysing penitentiary bodies’ activities, implementing execution proceedings.


Articles and materials on the history of state and law of Russia and foreign countries.

Issues of Law-Making

Articles examining problems of theory and practice of law-making activities and process, including issues of law-making policy, legislative technique, the state of current legislation and its prospects.

Constitutional Law and Politology

Materials concerning State structure, activities of government and public security organs, and the armed forces.

Civil Law and Procedure

Articles and analytical materials on substantive and procedural issues of private legal relations: comments on legislation in force, characteristics of enforcement practice, evaluation of activities of arbitrazh courts, courts of general jurisdiction and notariat.

Election Law and Election Procedure

Articles examining issues of realising and improving election law of Russia.

International Law

Materials covering various aspects of international legal regulation, both universal and regional, including problems of European law.

Local Self-Government and Municipal Law

Articles and review materials focusing on activities of the RF local self-government bodies.

Methodology of Law

Materials devoted to methodical problems of jurisprudence, including questions of systematic approach, legal research, basic and unconventional evaluation of legal phenomena.

Academic Expert Evaluation

Academic expert opinions on questions arising out of application of laws. One of the purposes of this section is to reveal legal rules and norms regarding application of legislation in force.

Human Rights

Articles providing the normative and philosophical characteristics of rights and freedoms, devoted to human rights protection in national and international bodies.

Problems of Legal Science and Legal Education

Articles on problems of organising tuition, systemising courses of study, introducing new academic disciplines in institutions of legal education

Procuracy Supervision and the Procurator's Participation in Court Proceedings

Articles focusing on the functioning of the Procuracy in various areas: investigation, supervision, participation in court proceedings.

The Russian Federation and Its Subjects

Works on various aspects of federalism, interaction of the RF subjects and federal authorities, articles characterising organisation and activities of regional bodies of State power of the RF subjects

Comparative Jurisprudence

Articles giving comparative analysis of legal regulation of diverse social relations in various countries and characterising legal institutes of foreign countries.

Students’ Bulletin

Students’ writings on various issues.

Interpretation of Laws

Materials showing theoretical and practical aspects of interpretation of laws. One of the tasks of this section is to publish articles which construe some provisions of the current Russian legislation.

Young Researcher’s Tribune

Articles by young researchers (mostly post-graduate students) on various issues of legal regulation and practice.

Labour, Employment and Social Law

Materials devoted to the legal regulation in the area of labour, employment, and social security, concerning current problems of application of laws and court practice in the area of labour and employment relations.

Criminal Law and Procedure

Articles and analytical materials focusing on substantive and procedural aspects of legal relations in the area of criminal law: comments on legislation in force, law enforcement practice, evaluation of activities of courts, investigative bodies and the Procuracy.


Materials devoted to significant events in the life of institutions of legal education and bodies of State power – conferences, round tables and jubilees.

Economy and Law

Works examining issues of external economic activities, financial, tax, customs’ and other fiscal legal relations, control authorities’ practice, containing recommendations to business people and organs of State power in the spheres concerned.

Legal Aspects of Ecology

Materials and articles on matters related to legal regulation and application of laws in the sphere of environmental protection.

The Reverse Reaction

Under this heading are published noteworthy reviewed unpublished scientific theses